Sydney, Australia
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Tight & Narrow Access Excavations

Backyards & Under Houses

Marrickville Backyard – 70+ tonnes removed, 3 tree stumps, 2 fences.
All through 700mm wide access.
Using our Kobelco Excavator & Motorized Wheelbarrow.
Also alongside Plumbers we dug up the cracked sewer main for replacement and made good after. Yard leveled to landscaper’s specifications, retaining walls and paving installed after earthworks completed. Raised garden beds and bench seating under way.

Also, for those considering doing this type of work manually with a shovel this is an interesting case study.
The neighboring property completed similar works recently, the excavations & soil disposal costs with laborers, buckets, and wheelbarrows exceeded $70,000, and took weeks.
This job was completed for less than a third of that cost, and included more work such as sewer dig up and tree stump removal. This job was completed in 5 days on site.

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