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Mini Excavator Hire

Perfect Excavator for narrow or tight access situations !

This machine will fit through a standard house door.

Available for Dry or Wet hire (with or without operator).
No Licence Required to operate.

The Kobelco SK008 allows operators to work in narrow spaces which is great for residential areas with space restrictions with a crawler width of 680mm (68cm) retracted and 800mm (80cm) when widened easily with a hydraulic lever .
The 7.7 kW high-output engine delivers 10.5 kN of powerful bucket digging force.
The tail overhang when swinging is only 30.5cm which allows for smooth work even right next to a wall.
The SK008 does not require a excavator licence, but remember to ‘dial before you dig’

We hire this machine either for Wet or Dry Rental, meaning with or without an operator provided.
If you have not used an excavator before we would recommend having an operator at least for the first few hours, an operator can advise you on hazards and techniques that will assist with your specific job.

Standard hire of the machine includes: 
–  Three (3) buckets
1.  800mm wide mud bucket, used for moving loose fill only.
2. 450mm wide bucket with teeth, great for loosening soil or shale.
3. 230mm wide bucket with teeth, great for digging trenches.
– A full tank of diesel in the machine, the machine is to be returned full as well. (Tank is around 12 litres and should operate for around 8 hours)
– A reasonably clean machine, the machine should be returned no dirtier than it is given.

Optional extras upon request:
– Delivery of the machine, cost varies on location. Machine is garaged at Carlingford Sydney NSW.
– Operator to either complete your job or to train you and advise on hazards and techniques.
– Auger attachment, 150mm and/or 300mm diameter, allowing for 1400mm depth is also available.
– Additional Jerry Cans & Funnel for Diesel on larger jobs.
– Grease gun for larger jobs, the machine will need greasing every 10 hours of operation.

To pickup the machine on the plant trailer at Carlingford you will require a vehicle with a standard round tow-ball and rated to tow 2 tonnes with a 7-pin flat plug.
The trailer has mechanical brakes, therefore you will not require an electric brake controller.

For any further questions or to make a booking please Contact Us.

See Spec Sheets below:

Kobelco SK008 Brochure Front - Mini Excavator Digger no licence needed

Kobelco SK008 Brochure Front

Kobelco SK008 Brochure Specifications - Mini Excavator Digger no licence needed

Kobelco SK008 Brochure Specifications

Kobelco SK008 Brochure About - Mini Excavator Digger no licence needed

Kobelco SK008 Brochure About

Also see manufacturer’s website for further information:

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