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Offsite Backups

We offer automatic offsite backups stored on servers in our office.

What would happen if your business computers were stolen or damaged?
What about if the premises flooded or you encountered a fire?

There are many automatic backup services offered elsewhere by 3rd party companies, however due to compliance issues faced by many industries such as Accounting, Financial Planners, Charities, and any business storing personal information we offer secure backups along with I.T support.

This means you can rest assured your data is not being accessed by anyone else.

JBTECH staff that may need to access this data have all got federal police checks ensuring the security of your data from criminals and anyone looking to do fraudulent activities.

We offer many packages depending on the clients needs. Some clients only require 25GB for mission critical information, some choose to backup their entire server for absolute security.

Please give us a call or email for any questions, we are only happy to discuss a solution to suit your business.

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